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Crush The Castle 3

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Controls Use mouse to aim and release the shoot. Conclusion for Crush The Castle 3 Game As in the previous parts of this game, this part will not leave you indifferent, with excellent graphics, awesome sound effects and the game itself which is very addictive and exciting at the same time will definitely fill your day with fun. We wish you good luck and good fun in this Crush The Castle 3 game

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About Crush The Castle 3 Game Crush the castle 3 is a game that requires from you to have good reflexes and good accuracy, if you are good with these two skills then you'll go far in this exciting and challenging game. Play with your friends, destroy the castles, kill kings and knights, things honest continents and much more. Play with your friends, compete with each other, make the best score and enjoy this awesome game. How to play Crush The Castle 3 Game Your task is to, using a catapult destroy the castle and thus kill the king and his protectors, use the catapult wisely, aim in the direction of the castle and then release a shot when you are sure that you will hit your target. As ammunition for catapult you have, stumps, stones and cannonballs, before going to demolish the castle take a good look at his weaknesses because each next level will be more difficult than the previous one, which means that you will at some moment have to use tactics in order to kill the king and his protectors. Crush The Castle 3 is a very exciting and challenging game, enjoy each level and have fun.

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