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Crush The Castle 2

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Controls Use your mouse to play. Use arrow keys to view a castle. Conclusion for Crush The Castle 2 Game If you played the first part of this game then this part will delight you even more. Kill the kings and knights, destroy and seize castles, seize the lands and continents in this awesome Crush The Castle 2 Game.

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About Crush The Castle 2 Game Here is the other part of this exciting and challenging Crush The Castle game. If you are a fan of medieval times, an age of kings and knights then this is the right game for you because it is your task in this awesome game to destroy the castle, kill the kings and taking over the lands and continents. If you come tired from work or school and are looking for some exciting and interesting game then this is the game for you. Test your shooting abilities. How to play Crush The Castle 2 Game Rules of the game are the same as in previous part of Crush The Castle Game, in order to beat the level and won the castle it is necessary to kill the king and his knights which will be located in and in the front of the castle, in order to kill them you need to use your catapult with which you fire the cannonballs but at the beginning you will fire with stumps and during your progress in the game you will also shoot with the stone and then cannonballs. Make an effort to be as accurate as possible, and give your best, every next nevo will be harder and more complicated than the previous one, which means that in some levels you will have to use a variety of tactics in order to kill the king and his servants, pay attention to every detail in and around castle in order to take advantage of some of the objects in your favor.

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